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    A staple play is for the H to lead through the POA with an X block with the weak side G and T.
    The Full Back gets the ball.
    The QB reverse pivots (fast) to get him the ball.

    Here’s the question….

    On defense, back reads are dangerous in the Wing T.
    Guards can lie (False pulls, influence trap, etc.)

    So…I generally have the the LB’s read the QB’s butt for a directional read because almost all plays out of the wing T are reverse pivots.

    WITH THAT IN MIND…..I would like my QB to open to the POA (Read Breaking). It would also set him up to see the weak side DE if we ever tried to run option with him and the Z.

    Anyone do this? Does it work? What’s the deal?

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    Jeremiah Howard

    So are you talking about running down without the pulling guard? It sounds like a traditional dive play where you can tag him to pull the ball and run the option off of it.

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    The only time we will open straight to the play is on Veer Option and even then that’s a new series for us this year when we had to convert our WR to QB in a pinch.

    Reversing out is part of the deceptive aspect of the Wing, I would hate to lose that.

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    Sweet Lou

    I would suggest that you give it some very serious thought before making major changes in the ‘bones’ of the offense. The Wing-T basics have survived for more than 6 decades for a reason.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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